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Newbie writer. 16. Constant procrastinator. Loki/Natasha shipper. Cannot do smut. For shame.

Compromising Situation Update

Yes! Thank you beta, E. Edwin, for the wonderful edits. And so, after three centuries, I am officially back from the dead. Here you go, guys, the first update of the new year. 

Chapter 13: The Reunion (excerpt)

The moment she heard the gun being cocked, Natasha instincts immediately took over. Rolling to a booth near the window, she pulled out her own gun that was hidden within her jacket. She fired three consecutive shots at the attacker, and ducked under the sofa before a cluster of bullets passed her. The attacker continued on, though with a much more noticeable margin between each shot, which meant that at least one of her bullets hit its mark. Natasha secretly thanked Clint for his tips at shooting. She didn’t do well with long-range combat that didn’t include stealth.

The bullets suddenly stopped. Natasha hesitated. Either the attacker ran out of bullets or was about to go into a long drawn monologue, as was the standard for most of the villains she has encountered (Loki included).

"Natalia Romanovna, you traitor, come out!"

Natasha stiffened. She knew who that was.


it’s friday night and you know what that means.

A quick and angsty blackfrost drawing for everyone :)

Blackfrost in Shakespeare

because I simply couldn’t resist paralleling my homework to blackfrost. But, seriously, read it and you’ll understand why. From Shakespeare’s Sonnet 138:

When my love swears that she is made of truth
I do believe her, though I know she lies,
That she might think me some untutor'd youth,
Unlearned in the world's false subtleties.
Thus vainly thinking that she thinks me young,
Although she knows my days are past the best,
Simply I credit her false-speaking tongue:
On both sides thus is simple truth suppress'd.
But wherefore says she not she is unjust?
And wherefore say not I that I am old?
O, love's best habit is in seeming trust,
And age in love loves not to have years told:

Therefore I lie with her and she with me, 

And in our faults by lies we flatter’d be. 

Yet another blackfrost fanart while I’m waiting for beta to finish editing.

should be doing my homework right now. But I seriously need a little relaxation or else I swear I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. 

So this is what I do while I wait for beta to finish editing the new chapter…

Thou must not drag Loki by his scarf. But, that doesn’t really stop Natasha. 

Loki: “My scarf! You’ll wrinkle it.

Natasha: “Don’t be such a cry baby. It’s just a scarf.”

kinda ambiguous on how I feel about this. Tried drawing faces but it kinda 

Still, Blackfrost FTW.

Compromising Situation Update

Back from writer’s block hell. Updated a new chapter ladies and gents. And on a school night too. REBEL!

Actually, I’m just quietly typing on my laptop while my parents patrol the hallway. Sshhh. don’t tell. 

Now for my happy dance.


Just got a tablet and photoshop the other day as a gift. Still have no idea how to use it and didn’t have time to learn, so I asked one of my friends- who’s partially decent at it- to scan one of my sketches and color them. 

Thankfully, she didn’t ask why it was Loki and Natasha. That would have ensued a really long talk about OTPs, and Avengers, and Blackfrost and basically all of fandom. Yup, she just nodded and smiled. 

I have trained her well. 

Compromising Situation Excerpt

I know I haven’t updated CS in a while and I apologize for that. With school coming up next week, I have to work overtime and finish all my summer projects that I’ve pushed aside for far too long. I guess my procrastination has finally come back to bite me in the ass. 

I however managed to write a bit of fanfic during work and  the next chapter is over half way done. In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt that will hopefully ease your blackfrost cravings. Or incite them. 

Loki awoke to the sound of the door opening. It opened with a creek; the hallway lights entered the dark caverns of his room, blinding him for a moment. A silhouette stood still, framed by the lights as she approached the bed. He must be going mad for he swore she seemed to walk too…suggestive than deemed appropriate. Long legs—toned yet not overtly muscular—took lithe steps, almost appeared to strut towards him in a sensual manner, like a cat stalking its prey. His eyes trailed her body, the sway of her hips, the flimsy nightgown that revealed generous amounts of skin. Never had Loki seen Natasha like this.

She sat on the bed and pushed him down, causing Loki to wonder how close she had gotten in such a short amount of time. Loki lay, eyes bulging wide as the warrior straddled his hips, her hands still held him firmly down.

“Agent Romanoff, what-”

She hushed him with a finger to his lips. “Do try to cooperate.” She said.Suddenly, she smiled—actually smiled—at him. And it was only then that Loki knew this was wrong. Natasha would never smile, let alone for him. He pushed her away, his hands on her shoulders, yet she would not bulge. His brows furrowed; even as a mortal, Loki doubted he was that weak.

“What’s wrong, godling? Not the fantasy you planned for?” Her voice, hissing like a viper, said sinisterly. Her eyes turned an unnatural shade of blue.

Her face shifted, gruesomely molding itself like clay. Her hair lengthened, turning to a shade of red that seemed to glow like a halo of fire in the dark. Her nightgown shifted, glowed a bright blue before fading back into a new ensemble: a dress, a mixture of green and gold, clearly his colors.

“Well, Loki, do you prefer this then?” She said patronizingly as she leaned in ever so closer, her breath caressing his face. He stiffened as her hands clawed his chest. “Would you like me to tell you what dark fantasies you’ve been hiding…or would you like me to show you instead?”

Loki swallowed. This wasn’t Romanoff, this was the parasite. He struggled, attempting to bring up his foot to kick it, but the beast held firm, trapping his legs between its own. It then pinned his arms above him, clearly stronger than what he assumed any mortal could ever be. Seeing his futile attempts underneath her, the parasite’s lips curved, revealing a pair of canines that are without a doubt not human. 

"They say that the darkest aspects of a person is his truest self. Let’s test that theory shall we?"

The fic will be updated soon, I just have to dig myself out of this mess. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s hopefully this week. 

Pirate!Loki and Pirate!Natasha: Stranded

Had the urge to write Pirate!Loki and Pirate!Natasha so here it is. Warning, it’s borderline crack and a not my best. Plus, I can’t write smut. I nearly did this time. I was almost there. But, in the end I couldn’t. I giggled and laughed too much to write it seriously, and I just I just can’t. Shame. So here goes nothing: 

"I blame you." She growled.

"Me? As I recall, you were the one that pushed both of us off my ship-“

"You mean the ship you stole from Shield.” 

"I prefer the term ‘dubiously acquired’."

Natasha groaned frustratingly. How did she get into this situation again? Ah, yes, it all started with that shit ship.

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