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Newbie writer. 16. Constant procrastinator. Loki/Natasha shipper. Cannot do smut. For shame.

Compromising Situation Update (at last)

Yup. Thank you Beta for the speedy edits. I can’t be more grateful. Finally, after a month long hiatus, I’m back bitch!

Chapter 12: The Truth 

Preview for Compromising Situation

So I finished the chapter and now I’m patiently waiting for beta’s edits. In the meantime here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come:

“There’s a suspicious looking individual who can’t seem to take his eyes off us.”

Natasha turned to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Loki stiffened.

“I know.” She whispered low enough so only he could hear. “Just act natural.”

Her hand tightened around his arm and she sighed loudly. He immediately saw what she had in mind. Loki tried to loosen up, truly he did, but the cinnamon smell of her hair overwhelmed him and flooded his senses. Her hair felt soft against his cheek and he was sorely tempted to lean closer and smell it, yet quickly kicked himself for the stupidity of the thought. This was doing nothing to discourage his attraction. Absolutely nothing. He hoped she didn’t hear the rapid beating of his heart.

And yet, despite his stiffness, the position felt strangely comfortable. 

Compromising Situation Chapter 12: Slowly but Surely, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction ☞

Updated at last. Yes, I’m still alive everyone. Only mildly overworked.

Compromising Situation Excerpt

I know I haven’t updated CS in a while and I apologize for that. With school coming up next week, I have to work overtime and finish all my summer projects that I’ve pushed aside for far too long. I guess my procrastination has finally come back to bite me in the ass. 

I however managed to write a bit of fanfic during work and  the next chapter is over half way done. In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt that will hopefully ease your blackfrost cravings. Or incite them. 

Loki awoke to the sound of the door opening. It opened with a creek; the hallway lights entered the dark caverns of his room, blinding him for a moment. A silhouette stood still, framed by the lights as she approached the bed. He must be going mad for he swore she seemed to walk too…suggestive than deemed appropriate. Long legs—toned yet not overtly muscular—took lithe steps, almost appeared to strut towards him in a sensual manner, like a cat stalking its prey. His eyes trailed her body, the sway of her hips, the flimsy nightgown that revealed generous amounts of skin. Never had Loki seen Natasha like this.

She sat on the bed and pushed him down, causing Loki to wonder how close she had gotten in such a short amount of time. Loki lay, eyes bulging wide as the warrior straddled his hips, her hands still held him firmly down.

“Agent Romanoff, what-”

She hushed him with a finger to his lips. “Do try to cooperate.” She said.Suddenly, she smiled—actually smiled—at him. And it was only then that Loki knew this was wrong. Natasha would never smile, let alone for him. He pushed her away, his hands on her shoulders, yet she would not bulge. His brows furrowed; even as a mortal, Loki doubted he was that weak.

“What’s wrong, godling? Not the fantasy you planned for?” Her voice, hissing like a viper, said sinisterly. Her eyes turned an unnatural shade of blue.

Her face shifted, gruesomely molding itself like clay. Her hair lengthened, turning to a shade of red that seemed to glow like a halo of fire in the dark. Her nightgown shifted, glowed a bright blue before fading back into a new ensemble: a dress, a mixture of green and gold, clearly his colors.

“Well, Loki, do you prefer this then?” She said patronizingly as she leaned in ever so closer, her breath caressing his face. He stiffened as her hands clawed his chest. “Would you like me to tell you what dark fantasies you’ve been hiding…or would you like me to show you instead?”

Loki swallowed. This wasn’t Romanoff, this was the parasite. He struggled, attempting to bring up his foot to kick it, but the beast held firm, trapping his legs between its own. It then pinned his arms above him, clearly stronger than what he assumed any mortal could ever be. Seeing his futile attempts underneath her, the parasite’s lips curved, revealing a pair of canines that are without a doubt not human. 

"They say that the darkest aspects of a person is his truest self. Let’s test that theory shall we?"

The fic will be updated soon, I just have to dig myself out of this mess. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s hopefully this week. 

Pirate!Loki and Pirate!Natasha: Stranded

Had the urge to write Pirate!Loki and Pirate!Natasha so here it is. Warning, it’s borderline crack and a not my best. Plus, I can’t write smut. I nearly did this time. I was almost there. But, in the end I couldn’t. I giggled and laughed too much to write it seriously, and I just I just can’t. Shame. So here goes nothing: 

"I blame you." She growled.

"Me? As I recall, you were the one that pushed both of us off my ship-“

"You mean the ship you stole from Shield.” 

"I prefer the term ‘dubiously acquired’."

Natasha groaned frustratingly. How did she get into this situation again? Ah, yes, it all started with that shit ship.

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Loki meets The Other

A little drabble that I did while I was writing flashbacks. Didn’t make it to the story so decided to add it here. Not really finished, but it was just suppose to be a sneak preview or whatnot. 

One moment he was floating, the next moment he was falling. The planet’s gravity dragged him, propelling him straight forward to the barren terrain. He should be worried, should have done something to protect himself, but he didn’t. What is the use of living? He lost his family, his identity, his home. His father, brother and mother hated him. He has truly become the monster he was meant to be.

So, the crash was painful, but not as painful as the melancholy and the heartbreak. He landed on one of the craters, the jagged rock digging deeply into his worn armor and leaving scratches on his face. He lay there, beaten and broken, tired and hopeless. He wallowed in self-pity.

It was only a while later that he snapped out of his revelry and noticed that he was being dragged by two reptilian beasts, each had a six-fingered claw on his arm. They dragged him through the barren desert like a rag doll, ignoring his cries as his body was being ripped mercilessly by the sharp-edges of the ground. Finally, they came upon a fortress; a bionic fortress that is both primitive and advanced. But, primitive in a sense that the purpose of their technology was simple: to destroy. Even Loki, in his dazed and pitiful state, could tell.

The two reptilians dropped him haphazardly on the cold floor of what appeared to be a grand hall. He flinched as the stone unpleasantly contacted with the wounds on his face. Then, a shadow came over him and a harsh voice echoed within the confines of the room.

“Well, what do we have here?” The creature approached him, and bent down to grasp his chin in a tight grip, forcing the demigod to look up into the hooded countenance of The Other. “An Asgardian?”

Loki looked up in surprise.

“No, only on the outside. There is a frostiness within you that seems more…Jotun in origin.” He gave him a disgusting toothy grin as he noticed the slight widening of Loki’s eyes.

“Who are you?” Loki croaked his voice sore from not using it for so long.

“I have a name, one which you may or may not be familiar with, but for now, I am simply called ‘The Other’ and you, my little Frost Giant, are trespassing on my planet.”

Updated my fic! Compromising Situation chapter 10 is officially up. Yes! Cue the happy dance.



"I’m sorry." He mumbled.

His mother said nothing, though she stiffened underneath his touch. Loki lightly lifted his lids. He expected to find Frigga sitting on his bed side with a mothering smile on her slightly wrinkled face and the glow of the light framing her golden hair, instead, he saw fire; fire from the glaring eyes of one Natasha Romanoff, fire from the bright red hair, fire from the bloodied cloth that was on his forehead. Instantly, the sharp cut of reality clipped away his fantasy.

OHMAGAADD!!!…..My inner giddy teen has come out. I finished it! 5000+ words of complete and utter asdfghjkl. This chapter, i swear I felt like it drained my soul as recompense for finishing it.  

Well, keep my soul. I don’t need it anyways. Off to beta you go. 

Now, excuse me as I try to recharge my brain.