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Newbie writer. 16. Constant procrastinator. Loki/Natasha shipper. Cannot do smut. For shame.

Latest Chapter is out! ☞

Chapter 15: Too Late
Yes, I made a pun (don’t judge me)

Chapter is (almost) done! Currently under beta

Okay guys finally finished writing the latest chapter and submitted it to my beta, E. Edwin (who is a saint for still agreeing to be my beta after my long hiatus). It’s a huge chapter (8700+ words!) and just a ton of surprises in it. Hopefully, I can post it soon.

And thank you guys. All of you who reviewed, added it to your favorites and alerts, and read it and waited all those months. I really didn’t expect this much support for my first story. I love you guys and i hope that you’ll stick with me till the end.

Origin Stories=Pain in the butt

One of the best things about blackfrost is the awesome supply of parallels that they have.
However, I’ve kinda just realized how difficult it is to handle origin stories, particularly the Black Widow ones. So many versions of it, and so many inconsistencies. Granted, I never really was much of a comic reader (my knowledge is at about elementary level), but still I feel somewhat guilty whenever I reconstruct Natalia’s origin story for the sake of my fanfic. It’s like am I really doing this any justice? Will it even make sense? How much can I stretch it until it collapses upon itself leaving me with just pile of BS stinking with desperation? Ugh, It makes me nervous just thinking about it.  I don’t know—maybe it’s just me, or maybe some of you writers also share the same feeling. 

Compromising Situation Update

Yes! Thank you beta, E. Edwin, for the wonderful edits. And so, after three centuries, I am officially back from the dead. Here you go, guys, the first update of the new year. 

Chapter 13: The Reunion (excerpt)

The moment she heard the gun being cocked, Natasha instincts immediately took over. Rolling to a booth near the window, she pulled out her own gun that was hidden within her jacket. She fired three consecutive shots at the attacker, and ducked under the sofa before a cluster of bullets passed her. The attacker continued on, though with a much more noticeable margin between each shot, which meant that at least one of her bullets hit its mark. Natasha secretly thanked Clint for his tips at shooting. She didn’t do well with long-range combat that didn’t include stealth.

The bullets suddenly stopped. Natasha hesitated. Either the attacker ran out of bullets or was about to go into a long drawn monologue, as was the standard for most of the villains she has encountered (Loki included).

"Natalia Romanovna, you traitor, come out!"

Natasha stiffened. She knew who that was.


finished writing the next chapter (FINALLY!!!) 
It’s off to beta for you, baby.


Sleeping with the Enemy 

It’s back to Art Fridays (or in this case Thursdays) for me. I just had this lovely—yet overly cliche—image of Natasha and powerless!Loki trapped in a cave together and having to sleep back to back in order to share warmth. Of course, sneaky Loki can’t help but be a bit suspicious of his bedmate and decides to spend the rest of the night contemplating whether to stab her or snuggle closer.

I know, I know. Cave scene. How original. Yet, you can’t deny it’s still classic fanfiction.

Sorry it’s not the update that most of you all wanted. I’m still trying to get the hang of writing again after three or so months of being absent. Still, I hope you can all be patient a little while longer. The next chapter is gonna have a ALOT of action, trust me.  

All right guys, after a very very very very very veeeerrrrryyyy long hiatus, I have returned. So, I should probably provide a little bit of info on the past couple of month.

To keep it short and simple, let’s just say that I severely underestimated school. No, not just school, but senior year itself. Who knew how difficult balancing applications, scholarships, grades and extracurriculars. Anyone who’s been through this knows what I’m talking about; knows how much of a chore it is to keep everything perfect so that universities would even consider you to be a potential student. 

So, I’m done. I sent all my apps, my scholarships, my everything. Did. Done. Finished. No more. It’s like a mule has just been lifted off my shoulders. So, this is what freedom feels like?

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I’m going back to writing, again. Now, that life has slowly steadied into some sense of stability, I can sit down and finish that half-written chapter of Compromising Situation in peace.

Stay tuned people, Greenhorn Soldier’s back in the war.  

Blackfrost art everyone :D

god it’s been so long since I drew anything. 
But, I’d like to think that my art has slightly improved since I first started.

Compromising Situation Update (at last)

Yup. Thank you Beta for the speedy edits. I can’t be more grateful. Finally, after a month long hiatus, I’m back bitch!

Chapter 12: The Truth 

Preview for Compromising Situation

So I finished the chapter and now I’m patiently waiting for beta’s edits. In the meantime here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come:

“There’s a suspicious looking individual who can’t seem to take his eyes off us.”

Natasha turned to him and rested her head on his shoulder. Loki stiffened.

“I know.” She whispered low enough so only he could hear. “Just act natural.”

Her hand tightened around his arm and she sighed loudly. He immediately saw what she had in mind. Loki tried to loosen up, truly he did, but the cinnamon smell of her hair overwhelmed him and flooded his senses. Her hair felt soft against his cheek and he was sorely tempted to lean closer and smell it, yet quickly kicked himself for the stupidity of the thought. This was doing nothing to discourage his attraction. Absolutely nothing. He hoped she didn’t hear the rapid beating of his heart.

And yet, despite his stiffness, the position felt strangely comfortable.